Danvers Fish & Game Club, (20 Birch Road, Middleton, MA)
Saturday March 25, 2023 at 6 PM.
BBQ Menu - BYOB - $45 per person
Ticket & card raffles for valuable items such as a muzzle loader,
and various other desirable gifts.

Any proceeds in access of costs will go to the league’s summer conservation camp scholarship fund.


Report on the 2022 Youth Duck and Pheasant hunt program:
    The League, in conjunction with Sportsmen’s Clubs has sponsored the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife yearly Youth Duck and Pheasant hunts.  The duck hunt took place on October 22 at the Parker River (US Fish & Wildlife) management area, while the pheasant hunt was conducted September 24th on the Kent’s Island portion of the William Forward WMA.

Pictures from this year's program.

    This past year was an exceptional year as we had 23 kids signed up for this years hunt. Im not sure exactly how many were at the orientation.  But at the day of the hunt we had 17-18 participants. Which has been monumental for the program there were a few had FID issues and couldn’t make it from The orientation as our average is about 8 kids at best. This effort has been due to a few of the mentors doing some extensive outreach to gain participation. Which were brainstorming on how to get more interest over past efforts with this serge of interest we’ve gotten excited to the fact we can expand on what we’ve had in past years for participation and have figured we can accommodate up to 30 kids for a hunt and could strongly possibly offer 2 days if the interest exceeded the 30 person capability per day so not to leave anyone without the opportunity to get their feet wet. I’ll forward a message from a parent that I’ve shared with those that were involved that is the motivation to keep this going.

Interested in participating in 2023?

Participants will need to attend qualifying and a brief seminar, prerequisites are having passed hunter Ed course. Participants must be 14 or older. If 15 or older, one must have valid FID for the pheasant hunt. Waterfowl hunt has the same prerequisites, but ages 12-17 will be admitted.

Potential 2023 participants should contact Pat Baker at 978-360-3458, or email